About Us

The Family Check-Up® is an evidence-based approach to addressing the mental health and behavior of children aged 2-17.  The Family Check-Up is a trauma-informed approach to mindful parenting. It’s simple, flexible and can be delivered in person, virtually, and/or asynchronously.

Northwest Prevention Science (NPS) is the sole commercial provider of training on and implementation consulting for the Family Check-Up and of the Family Check-Up Online platform.  The origin of this work is the University of Oregon (Prevention Science Institute, Child and Family Center, and College of Education), who retain stewardship over the quality control associated with the Family Check-Up.

Thirty years of Family Check-Up® implementation have demonstrated increased family engagement and the same long-term outcomes regardless of ethnic, social, geographic backgrounds.   Research on the Family Check-Up conducted with over 1,000 diverse families (51% European American, 29% African American, 14% Hispanic, 6% other) has demonstrated that all populations benefitted from use of the intervention and results did not vary based on race, ethnicity, or identity (Pelham et al., 2017; Smith et al., 2014).

We invite you to join the thousands of trained practitioners worldwide who have been using the Family Check-Up® to support families since the 1990s, including the Everyday Parenting© parenting skills program. For more information, contact fcu@nwpreventionscience.org.