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Welcome to the Family Check-Up!

The Family Check-Up is a comprehensive family assessment includes a home visit, observations of family interactions, interviews with family members, and a school-based assessment. All information is kept strictly confidential. Following the family assessment, one or two additional meetings are held to provide feedback to the family. The goal of the feedback session is to collaborate with parents to evaluate their family’s needs with respect to service options. A menu of intervention options is provided to parents, including services in the practicum.

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Family Check-Up

Family Check-Up

Information for therapists, service agencies and researchers.

Positive Family Support

Information for school support staff.


Information for parents.

The Child and Family Center (CFC)

The Child and Family Center (CFC) was established in fall 2000 and approved as an Oregon University System research institute in July 2002. Since then, CFC has accomplished substantial growth in funding, research, staff, and student participation. Our research scientists, interventionists, and staff are located in Eugene, Oregon, and at the Project Alliance office in Portland, Oregon. CFC also provides a collaborative forum for affiliate researchers from across the United States and around the world. The mission, organizational procedures, and details of ongoing projects and staff are provided in the CFC Organizational Manual and in the Annual Report. Yearly advisory meetings provide a forum for University of Oregon faculty and the vice president of research to review CFC’s annual activity and to discuss strategies to promote the role of CFC in the university and the state communities.

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Mission Statement

This website is designed to disseminate information about the Family Check-Up, a tool for working with children and families who are experiencing a variety of mental health problems or behavioral difficulties. The Family Check-Up can be used to prevent future problems or to treat ongoing concerns. This website provides information for parents, counselors, and school personnel and tools for implementing the Family Check-Up in clinics, community centers, and schools

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