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Positive Family Support

The Family Check-Up is an evidence-based, family-centered intervention that is being successfully used in school settings. Several randomized trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of the FCU in middle schools (e.g., Connell et al., 2007; Stormshak Dishion, Light, & Yasui, 2005; Stormshak, Fosco, & Dishion, 2010) ), and the model is also being disseminated in 44 Oregon middle schools with the help of Institute of Education Sciences funding. In this project, called Positive Family Support,the FCU is being implemented by school personnel, with the goal to study schools’ integration of the FCU into their Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system. Positive Family Support uses the FCU model at the universal, selected, and individual levels to give parents tools to help them guide and support their adolescents. This support includes proven strategies to prevent youth problem behavior and substance abuse and to improve academic success. Consistent with PBIS, Positive Family Support exists at all three tiers:

  1. Universal Family Support involves creation and use of a Family Resource Center housed in each school, training and support for school staff to provide parenting information and consultation with families, positive family outreach to form stronger home–school relationships, and a parent and teacher screening system to identify those who need support.

  2. Selected Family Support enhances parent involvement in selected-level student interventions, such as Check-In/Check-Out, or creates interventions for schools interested in developing selected-level support. Specialized modules also have been developed for family support of attendance and homework success.

  3. Individualized Family Support involves intensive family support using the Family Check-Up family assessment, feedback, and follow-up support services for students and families with the highest needs.

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