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About Family Check-Up

Follow-Up: Background Support

Background Support for Parenting

In the Family Check-Up assessment, background factors of caregiver stress, depression and anxiety, substance use, support network, and partner support are assessed. This approach helps the parent and the person helping the parent make change to get a realistic appraisal of the strength of support underlying efforts to parent

Follow-Up Intervention

When the results of the assessment indicate that any of these areas of support need attention, it should be considered in the case conceptualization prior to feedback. Serious depression, high levels of stress, and active substance use all interfere with optimal parenting. The intervention menu offered at the end of the feedback should include support/intervention for factors rated as “needs attention.” This support/intervention can be offered by the helping person if they have experience treating the particular problem. In that case, follow-up work should be balanced between helping the parent actively address areas interfering with parenting and working on parenting skills and family relationship processes. If the helper has not been trained to address mental health, substance use, or marital issues, then options for referrals should be provided along with the clear message that improvement in child outcomes will not be optimal if the matter is not addressed.

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